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Thank you for your business! WINTER/FALL APPAREL ON SALE NOW!
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Christmas Traditions

christmas family traditions

How did it happen so quickly? We are now into the 2nd week of December! Although we are in a pandemic, the days still seem so busy to me but through it all, there is one thing I love doing and that is baking using traditional family recipe favorites passed down from my grandmothers. Now that I'm a Grammy, I want to make sure that I pass those traditions down to my own grand-daughter. In the next week or so, I hope to be baking cookies, sausage balls, cheese wafers, cheese balls, chocolate covered pretzels, and of course, Chex party mix!  Yes, this along with hormones (or should I say, lack of) is why I am in a plus size:)  We will also watch a few Christmas movies, do a little easel art, and hopefully get in a Christmas craft or two.  More importantly, even though she is only 2, I want to share with her the story of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, being born and hope that reading the True Christmas Story with her will be a tradition that she will always treasure.  I hope that you get to spend this month making memories and celebrating traditions with your family as well. Be Blessed and Merry Christmas!

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